Duble & O’Hearn is a premier property & casualty broker and agent to the affluent homeowner and entrepreneurial company. We take an advisory approach to insurance that focuses on value to our customer.“We Insure Success”

We are delighted to announce that, effective August 1, 2017, in our 50th year in business, Duble & O’Hearn has become part of the Fred C. Church, Inc. organization of Lowell, MA!

This joining together of two great companies is the culmination of a longstanding, warm relationship that will continue to provide uninterrupted service and quality advice to our clients, friends, and business partners, while bringing additional resources, experience, and insurer strength to all who come into contact with us!

We look forward to telling you more about this exciting development, and suggest you visit Fred C. Church’s website at www.fredcchurch.com for more information on our new partner! Thanks for your business, goodwill, and ongoing support!

Commercial Insurance

At Duble & O’Hearn, we take a holistic approach to insuring businesses. Depending on your requirements, we can be your advisor and broker, or strictly offer consulting services. Our typical customer is the medium-sized entrepreneurial business who appreciates an extra level of attention, and wants a long-term relationship.

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Personal Insurance

Duble & O’Hearn has quietly become one of the largest personal lines agents in the region for affluent homeowners. Historically, we have done it the old fashioned way, earning clients’ trust and building relationships with advisors and other professionals, one person and one company at a time.

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Advisor Relations

The key to our success at Duble & O’Hearn is our ability to forge strong relationships with advisors who represent our clientele. Learn about the value that this relationship brings to you and your client through your partnership with Duble & O’Hearn

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