About Duble & O’Hearn

About Duble & O’Hearn

We Insure Success… every day

Duble & O’Hearn has become one of the premier insurance broker/agents in Connecticut. Our reputation for excellent service and our growth with the top insurers in the marketplace, has positioned us as one of the four leading Personal Lines producers in Connecticut, with the industry’s elite insurers for affluent families. Our brokerage successes in the Commercial Property and Casualty sector have resulted in a three-fold increase in premium volume since the year 2000.

At the core of all we do, Duble & O’Hearn is frequently hired as insurance advisor to help high net worth individuals and entrepreneurial businesses organize, manage, and make good long-term decisions about their insurance.

We earn our clients’ trust

Rather than growing our firm by merger and acquisition like most large competitors in our space, Duble & O’Hearn has done it the old-fashioned way, earning clients’ trust and building relationships with advisors and other professionals, one person and one company at a time. Knowing what we are good at, and sticking with it, without making a market for all comers, allows us to dedicate more service to less clients, and that is the key to our success.

Duble & O’Hearn takes a different approach

Many agents sell low deductibles and encourage a client to submit small claims. We would prefer our clients keep premiums in their pocket rather than the insurer’s, by taking a higher deductible, insuring for the catastrophic loss, managing risk along the way, and keeping their insurance program intact, and costs down long-term. For this reason and their depth of experience (16 employees with over 300 combined years in the business), Duble & O’Hearn ‘s client satisfaction and retention is well above industry averages.

We do the right thing by people

Almost everyone has had a bad experience with insurance at some point in their life, and the industry as a whole has frequently given itself a black eye through evasive marketing, poor disclosure, and questionable sales practices. However, we know that, if you do the right thing by people consistently and always, and only with top insurers. clients will sense a difference and seek value over cost alone.