History of Duble & O’Hearn

Our history dates back to 1967, when C. Michael O’Hearn, Jr. forged a relationship with Peter Duble of Peter Duble & Co. to become Duble & O’Hearn New offices were soon located on Trumbull Street in New Haven, just a few doors down from our present location. It was the beginning of a great business “marriage” between two Ivy League graduates, the one from Yale and the other from Harvard, that soon developed into a burgeoning company that has since flourished for “for 50 years!” instead of the“ more than 40 years!”

From the beginning, the Company specialized in commercial, institutional, and personal accounts for affluent families and entrepreneurial business owners, particularly those looking for something a little special in the way of insurance. Rapid growth followed, as more insurers and clients were signed on, and staffing grew to handle the influx. Despite the company growing to become, by the year 2000, one of Connecticut’s premier insurance agents and brokers, it has never lost sight of its basic roots and founding principals: Do the right thing by people in all you do, and they will reward you with their confidence, their trust, and their business.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Duble & O’Hearn continued its rapid growth under the leadership and ownership of a new principal, Greg Wheeler, who took over from Mike O’Hearn, who retired at the end of 1997, following Peter Duble’s retirement some 12 years before. During this time, the company developed an internet-based specialty marine division called The Pier Group, as well as a side venture in group medical and other benefits business. In the past 10 years, however, the firm has made a concerted effort to re-focus on its core book of business. This has always been its bread and butter, property & casualty insurance for affluent families and entrepreneurial business owners, who want a quality advisory approach and the best insurance money can buy.

image duble ohearnToday, Duble & O’Hearn is more than twice the size it was when the former leaders departed, and is now licensed to do business in more than 40 states. Importantly, we believe, we have never departed from our original mission and core philosophies that have made us successful through the years, and an intelligent choice for well-informed buyers. Despite our growth in premium volume, the firm has kept a relatively small account base through time in terms of numbers of accounts, so that we can most effectively apply the more than 300 years of staff combined insurance experience to those clients we choose to handle. Our clients find this a key benefit to their Duble & O’Hearn experience, and reward our company with their extraordinary trust and loyalty.