Advisor Relations

A fundamental key to our success at Duble & O’Hearn is our strong relationship with advisors who in turn represent our clientele. These include investment managers, financial planners, legal counsel, and many others.

Although licensed to do business throughout most of the Country, our primary market, as reflected in our current book of business, is Connecticut (40%); New York (20%); New Jersey/other New England/Florida (20%); and remainder of the Country, including international capabilities (20%).

If you are new to Duble & O’Hearn, please review our Personal and Commercial Insurance pages to better understand our approach to insurance and what comprises our “Ideal Client.”

What are the “Value” Components that
Duble & O’Hearn brings to Financial Advisors?

  • We add to their menu of services, and help them differentiate themselves from their competition.
  • We help them enhance their client’s perception of value from the advisor and their role.
  • We hold “client confidentiality” as sacred and fundamental, never sharing information beyond “need to know” parties in our office or our insurance family, nor with others in the client’s own office or other relationships.
  • We are educational to them, helping them increase their working knowledge of what we do, so they may use this information for their purposes, and in working with us.
  • We help them protect themselves from a fiduciary standpoint, allowing them to competently address areas of intelligent risk management for their client’s asset and liability protection.
  • We increase their professional network of professionals by becoming a resource and a business partner.
  • We are a match for their philosophy, niche, and standards of quality and professionalism, since their affluent, high net worth clients are synonymous with our own.
  • We bring to them insurance product and market expertise, and strong relationships and clout with the top insurers in the high end market. Currently, Duble & O’Hearn is one of the 4 largest personal lines agents in the region with Chubb.
  • We bring extensive experience to the business, spanning more than 40 years, have licensed capabilities in over 40 states, and enjoy a proven record of accomplishment with high-end advisors, the benefits and processes of which we are delighted to share with others.
  • We respect their ownership of their clients, and will not offer conflicting services or advice to them. They will not be embarrassed with the way we handle their clients, as we are knowledgeable and experienced in the preferences, philosophies, concerns, and needs of high end, affluent individuals and families.
  • We will keep them well-informed on our progress with their clients, so they are up-to-speed and not out of the loop. At the same time, we will allow and encourage minimum involvement by them on our service interactions, assuming this is their choice and desire.

What are the “Value” Components that
Financial Advisors bring to Duble & O’Hearn ?

  • They bring us their valued clients, and a revenue generation opportunity, that continues as long as we retain their business.
  • They provide us an implied endorsement and a warm handoff, which allows us immediate credibility and legitimacy with the client.
  • They help us expand our network of professionals, letting us gain valuable insight into other businesses, and make associations with new and different people and resources at their firm.
  • They bring us their trust, a continuous opportunity to help with client problems needing resolution, difficult risks requiring sophisticated expertise and response, and the chance to provide extraordinary service and value.