How We Helped Others

Scenario One

The Problem:
A prospective CT-based Personal Lines client’s program was in disarray, poorly-conceived and poorly-constructed, with a generic insurer, not a good “fit” for his assets and lifestyle.

The Solution:We reviewed his priorities, and quickly learned his program did not match his desire for and philosophy of self-insuring small claims, and insuring for the big hit. We showed him how he could re-structure coverages for his 3 properties, including a large farm in northern CT, with higher property deductibles, a higher, more appropriate umbrella limit to track with his net worth and exposures, and a better, highly-rated insurer, all at a net savings in annual premium cost! In addition, we worked with his legal advisors to help him structure LLC’s and other loss transfer and loss control mechanisms, designed to protect him contractually, before his own new insurance program would ever be needed or impacted. He was ecstatic at the results, and amazed, as a sophisticated, successful businessman, at just what could be achieved with infusion of good advice and creativity he’d not previously experienced nor received.

Scenario Two

The Problem:
A prospective Commercial Lines account, a large, multi-state distributor of electrical parts and products to the construction industry, was losing their longtime insurer to bankruptcy, and not sure where to turn.

The Solution:We remembered from prior casual discussion with them that this insurer was the one they had employed for many years, did a confidential market search for them, before making contact, to identify the best and most competitive provider for their type industry, a more difficult class of business for which not many top-rated insurers provide a market, and went to them with our findings and suggestions. They were impressed by our foresight, timing, and objective approach, and allowed us to bid for their account.
Having done our homework, we came through with a program that beat not only two other national brokers soundly, but also their expiring now bankrupt insurer, with higher limits, broader coverage, a highly-rated insurer, and an annual premium savings of over $200,000! They rewarded us with their trust and business, and learned first hand the benefits of working with a knowledgeable, independent agent and broker as versus their previous provider, a direct writer with whom they had not enjoyed the service and leverage advantages of having a third party go to bat for them every day.

Scenario Three

The Problem:
A large, historic church in New York City had just gone through a multi-million dollar renovation and facility expansion, learning their insurance budget would now increase four-fold to levels they felt they could no longer afford nor handle.

The Solution:Their board and management thought their “solution” was to go to market with 4 or 5 brokers to aggressively market their account in a highly uncontrolled and inconsistent manner. As friends to one of their board members, we were invited to throw our hat into the ring. We politely thanked them, but declined, showing them that, without knowledge of how to monitor and control such a process, they would likely disrupt the marketplace, driving away insurers who might otherwise quote a program for them, and would only come back at best, with apples and oranges proposals that would lack consistency, and be incomparable for their purposes of making a prudent choice for proceeding further.
They respected our thought process and clear objectivity in protecting their interests, and hired us, not as brokers, but as a consultant to design a broad set of specifications for all to use in going to market, to interview and select three large reputable and qualified brokers to approach insurers, and to make a final analysis and recommendation to them for selecting the winning party, based on breadth of coverage, stability and creativity of approach, supporting services, strength and capability of insurer(s), and competitiveness of price.
By having us play a fee-based consulting role for them rather than a brokerage one, we ultimately saved them many thousands of dollars, without the headaches and risks of proceeding with an ill-conceived program and poor choice of unqualified broker and insurer. They were delighted and thankful for our timely help, our unique approach to solving their dilemma, and our good advices on seeing it through to an appropriate and prudent result.

Scenario Four

The Problem:
A multi-billion dollar financial institution with its home office in NYC and clientele worldwide was struggling in its efforts to incorporate quality property & casualty advice into its portfolio of services, offered by its internal financial planning division for the benefit of its clients and own senior management.

The Solution:Over many years of confidential relationship development and solution-based resource provision to the head of their financial planning division, the institution began counting on our professional abilities in this arena, particularly for their super high net worth clients and their own managing directors, whose needs and problems in acquiring and maintaining quality personal insurance were essentially identical to those of our clientele.
So successful were we in playing this highly confidential role for them, that we were soon asked to advise and write insurances for 6 of the top 10 officers of the institution, as well as many more of their executive staff and clients in successive years. Unlike some industries who proudly publicize the names of their large clients with whom they do business, “confidentiality” is at the core of our philosophy and code of ethics, and one senior person at this institution and others we handle similarly there, will never know that they use our services in common, unless they choose to share this information with one another, outside of what we do for them.
We are honored to maintain relationships of this nature with several large, highly-recognizable name brand companies, and recognize our responsibility to handle their people and these opportunities with the same degree of professionalism and caring we do for all our clients and valued centers of influence.